Commercial Services

  • A significant part of our business consists of consulting for California Utilities. We support emerging technology assessments, RD&D projects, program planning and evaluation, market research, and many other tasks.

    Our activities can be end-to-end or embedded with a larger team. We can do project planning, project execution, and results publication, or all the above. We are equipped and staffed for commissioning, EM&V, data analysis, on-demand management support, and then some. 

  • We have Mechanical Engineer (PE) on staff, so we are well positioned to take care of your Title 24, Title 20, CALGreen, or other compliance concerns.

    We use EnergyPlus, OpenStudio, and CBECC Software to help you right-size mechanical systems, predict operating cost, process incentives, and compare design alternatives.

    Our expertise includes advising you about which system components and energy sources to use. This goes well beyond HVAC - building envelope and lighting always need careful consideration as well.

  • Thinking of taking your building to the next level? Our staff has project experience even with complex projects such as government buildings, shopping malls and then some. We will gladly take your project all the way to certification, or work on just the tricky energy prerequisites and credits. 

    One of our staff is a Certified Building Commissioning Professional, and we meet all the requirements to act as your Commissioning Agent for Enhanced Commissioning. Of course, we can also help commission your building if you are not pursuing LEED. 

  • We execute industry-standard audits following ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 guidelines, or customize audits to your needs.  We like to think that our fully illustrated reports are among the best in the industry. We are experts in detailed electrical load inventories, and in finding ways to reduce your energy and demand charges. We perform detailed financial analysis for EEMs using metrics of ROI, NPV, or others of your choice. Our specialties include:

    1. HVAC operating cost optimization
    2. Lighting consulting 
    3. Net-zero energy calculations

  • Too many incentive and rebate programs? New construction or major upgrades are involved as it is. Add the complexities of the current market, and you may easily find yourself overwhelmed.

    Let us handle it. As long as your building qualifies, we'll get you the money.

    NegaWatt is an approved Program Data Provider for the CSI-Thermal program. 
    Please see and for more. 

Our Mission

"To empower our clients to make sustainable and economically viable use of our world's limited resources."

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