Who We Are

George Burmeister, Principal Policy Specialist & President, Colorado Energy Group, MPA

George has been an energy policy expert for 20+ years, working in California primarily and earning lots of frequent flier miles between Boulder, Colorado and the cities and energy utilities he serves. He has an MPA, was a Senior Speech Writer in the Clinton Administration, and was appointed Communications Director of the State Energy Advisory Board (STEAB) by the Bush Administration. His experience reaches from developing comprehensive solar energy and energy efficiency policies for cities and counties to performing market research for Codes And Standards Enhancement (CASE) reports on behalf of the California IOUs. When not trying to reduce emissions via his work George enjoys hiking, camping, tennis, running and spending time with his family and his miniature Schnauzer, Jackson.

Our Mission

"To empower our clients to make sustainable and economically viable use of our planet's limited resources."

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