NegaWatt, reinvented.

After ten years of providing professional services, we are taking NegaWatt to the next level!

Yes, it has been that long. We are grateful to all our clients and partners for their trust and business. We like to think we have earned it. We take great pride in our accomplishments. Our work has contributed to reducing energy, gas and electricity use, and greenhouse gas emissions throughout California and beyond. And that's exactly what we set out to do.

As we continue our work, we are also widening the scope of our services. In addition to the technical services we have been providing for years, we now also conduct commissioning, market research, green building certification, and outreach & event support. Last but not least, we are expanding our services to all other Western states, in addition to California.

Thank you Amory Lovins for the game-changing term and concept "NegaWatt". It has carried us for 10 years, and we are nowhere near done.

New Website.

All this growth and change deserves a new look. As you are reading this, you are visiting our completely new and revised website, with a more modern look, a better service overview, and some new features that we will leverage further over time, such as this blog. Welcome, thank you for visiting, and stay tuned!

Marc Esser