NegaWatt Awarded CMAS Agreement

With CMAS, NegaWatt Consulting seizes opportunities to contract with California agencies and local government.

We are proud to announce that NegaWatt has been awarded a California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS) agreement by the California Department of General Services. This agreement provides California state agencies and local governments a streamlined option for ordering services from us. With the newly awarded CMAS agreement, NegaWatt is now a viable option to meet the contracting needs of state and local government agencies with minimal overhead.

The CMAS agreement opens opportunities to work with government agencies that were previously not available to us. We save time and resources by not having to compete in lengthy bidding processes. We can be matched easily and with low overhead to agencies that are looking for our unique set of services, capabilities, and qualifications. Government agencies benefit from using CMAS vendors by having a swift way to connect with pre-qualified vendors and by pre-negotiated pricing. In turn, taxpayers save money, and projects get done. Everyone wins.

We are extremely excited about our new CMAS agreement. We look forward to using this agreement as a springboard to many a contracting opportunity in the Golden State, our home base.

Marc Esser